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We all might be following some practices every day. Some of us have healthy diet regimen, few do yoga practice, others may indulge in favourite sport etc. When we dedicate the time daily to nourish our body and mind, we cultivate a practice of deeply respecting and loving ourselves. So, all these daily practices help… Continue reading DINACHARYA IN AYURVEDA


How Ayurveda can help in fight against COVID-19?

The coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic is exceptional and unprecedented in several aspects and has posed a threat to health care systems across the globe. The pandemic has turned the world’s attention to the immune system, the body’s defense against disease-causing bacteria, viruses and other organisms that we come in contact with, ingest and inhale… Continue reading How Ayurveda can help in fight against COVID-19?


COCONUT OIL – Myths vs Facts

Coconut (Cocus nucifera) "COCONUT OIL HAS BEEN DESCRIBED AS THE “WORLD'S HEALTHIEST DIETARY OIL”. THERE IS A MOUNTAIN OF HISTORICAL EVIDENCE AND MEDICAL RESEARCH TO VERIFY THIS FACT"- BRUCE FIFE Interesting Facts about Coconut and Coconut Oil Studies claim that societies that eat lots of coconut are considered healthiest people on planet. Regular use of coconut… Continue reading COCONUT OIL – Myths vs Facts

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The outbreak of Corona virus has affected many lives across the globe. A best defense against this deadly virus is to have a healthy and strong immune system. Following a balanced diet, routine exercises, and natural tips helps in keeping the immune system intact. There are also certain herbs which capacitates the immune response faster… Continue reading IMMUNE BOOSTERS IN AYURVEDA


AYURVEDA- Restoring the body’s natural balance

Exploring ways to improve the health and well-being is something every individual need to do. Earlier in '90s Ayurveda and Yoga were referred to as 'New Age' - compartmentalizing them with the rest of the occult. They were never appreciated as sciences and disciplines that were comprehensive, tried and tested. But the failure of Western… Continue reading AYURVEDA- Restoring the body’s natural balance